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6 min readJul 8, 2021

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Hello and welcome to our community, @Nicolasnowl ! How is your day?

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Hello every one ☺️

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
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Its pretty good. Excited to be here!

Nicolas @NowlFinance,

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Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Nicolas @NowlFinance, ready

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Let’s begin

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nice 🦉

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First Question: What is NOWL platform all about? Give us a little summary

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
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Night Owl is the First Blockchain Platform bridging the gap between innovative technology and its practical applications for Children in developing countries. Thereby making a difference to millions of lives around the world.
Our Solution is a futuristic innovation that brings NFT’s and Defi together to build a highly sustainable ecosystem with a deflation tokenomic, static farming strategy, and user-generated NFT’s all in a single place.
Night Owl also plans to integrate project NFT’s (the next era technology) in BSC-based ecosystem, thereby making NFT trading easier and affordable for every token holder, especially the Kids can create their NFT by using the tool we provide.
Our Vision:
Become the pioneer NFT and Defi platform that helping Children all around the world to developing their talents

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thank you very much, it’s interesting !

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
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Sure thing, well, I have been a product manager and growth hacker for many years, worked for the AI sector before but in my private time I have followed Crypto since 2014.
I have helped design protocols and mechanism in DeFi for close to a year now, working closely with BSC projects such as Green Bull Finance,Parrot Finance, which is closely related to Bake, Cake, and others.
As for the team, they have also backgrounds in crypto and technology.
Most of our engineers worked in Crypto industry from 2016, they have a lot of experience.
Our backers have been involved in many different sectors in Crypto like for both retail and institutions, particularly in Asia–Pacific.

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
Nice answer, I see Nowl team has experience in the industry. Hope we can make the project more and more success!
Then, we will go with next question : why did you and your team decide to build NOWL?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
Thank you for this question, that is also the mission that we set out from the beginning when the team members met and shared the same vision on this important issue.
Although we live and work in different environments around the world, after many years of developing blockchain projects, we all know this is the technology of the future.
And for us the future is also the future of our children, it’s the generation that will inherit the achievements that we build today.
So we thought about education and applying this technology to children, especially in areas where there is no such thing, like NFT.
There are not any NFT Marketplace that focusing on Children, despite of the talents of children is unbelievable.
We hope that the achievements we have built together today will be the first stepping stone for children around the world and be inherited and thrived by them in the future.

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such a great mission!

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
Now let’s dive into your token $NOWL. Can you share with us your ecosystem and tokenomics? And what are some of $NOWL use cases?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
The NOWL smart contract applies a 10% fee on all transactions (buys/sells).
5% is automatically distributed to holders, without farming! This means the amount of tokens in your wallet will forever increase as people transact. This way IL is avoided altogether and in effect you get paid for just holding NOWL.
In addition, the NOWL smart contract also takes 5% of each transaction and automatically burn them forever.
The circulation supply will continuously decrease, which leads to a higher price floor of NOWL.
This is what NOWL aims to accomplish: You don’t have to farm, stake or deposit your NOWL. Simply holdit in your wallet and you will get more!
About the usecase, beside of deflationary tokenomics, $NOWL is the main fuel to drive NOWL ecosystem .
NOWL Playground
NFT Blockchain Education games for Kids. Play game and grab your $NOWL
NOWL Market Place
Decentralized exchange to trade tokens and NFT auctions.
Children in developing countries can mint their NFT directly in NOWL platform and open an Auction. Then, people worldwide can join the auction using $NOWL token and show their support directly, transparently!
NOWL Foundation
NOWL Foundation holds 10% NOWL token and Lock Forever!
The Foundation will take the distributed reward tokens from Transaction Tax to purchase the NFT in the Marketplace, invest in the community project,…
NOWL Investment
NOWL Investment is a fundraising platform that helps the community to do fundraising for the charity projects using $NOWL token
NOWL Wallet
Ultra-secure wallet to hold $NOWL tokens.

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Nice answer, sir. Very detailed

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
next question : What is your strategic plan to educate families in undeveloped regions to make their children easily adapt into those applications?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
Thanks for the question
We understand that projects like NOWL may require to Spread Awareness and need to educate the new users.
Partnership and community are the keys to the success of our project.
We plan to develop an Ambassador program soonest to work together with people who have the same vision.

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great, can’t wait to join the Ambassador program !

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
next question

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
NOWL’s NFT products, are the products of the talents of children in developing countries. Will the profits from the above product help raise funds to help them?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
YES, it is one of the main targets of NOWL project!
In fact, NOWL’s roadmap, NOWL has established a charity fund. And almost all revenue from NFT will be put there for charity activities
Promoting children’s talents and helping them have the best life is our mission

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here?

Nicolas @NowlFinance, [
YES, Southeast Asia is one of our main target this year. We are building plan to develop our project here as well!

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
Thank you, about the charity, how do you reach the right recipients, and are you discuss first with donors, partners and investors about the recipients or based on dev rights only?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
The mission of NOWL is to ensure that the process is traceable, immutable, and reliable.
The Blockchain techonology it self help us to build trust with donors, recipients, and other stakeholders to reach the right people and improve administration costs and efficacy.
Show donors the difference their donation makes, acquire funds rapidly through crowdfunding, and hand control to the people you help.

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
great! a lot of friends want to know if NOWL done an ICO or public sale? What exchange listing NOWL till now?
What is the minimum amount to buy at the ICO and in which coin can we buy $NOWL ?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
Thank you for this question,
We planned to do a public sale on this month — July.
The expected time is on the middle of July — from 16th until 25th. We will announce the detail information this week. Please follow us if you interest in our public sale.

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !)
Nice, sir. Where can we find out more about NOWL Finance?

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
Basically, you can find all necessary info in our channels below:

Telegram Official channel:
Group chat:
follow us on that to update

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
thank you very much for the answer. With this we are now at the end of our AMA session. We received a lot of questions from the community and try to choose the best questions for you to day.

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any last words you would like to say to our community? sir @Nicolasnowl

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
I want to thank you all for being here today
Im deeply touched by the interest in us from our NOWL community.
It should be very great and valuable time and experience for me and for NOWL for sure.
Thanks so much

Misa.Nowl (Never PM first !),
Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for our NOWL project! See you in our next AMA !

Nicolas @NowlFinance,
see you next time



NightOwl is the 1st Blockchain Platform bridging the gap between innovative technology and its practical applications for Children in developing countries.